Do I Pay Taxes on Cryptocurrency?

Do I pay taxes on cryptocurrency? Did someone pay you in virtual currency? If you were paid with virtual currency for goods or services, then, yes, that payments is taxable income. Was your cryptocurrency received in an airdrop or in a marketing promo? If the answer...

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Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Just as “dollars” are the representation of United States currency, “coins” are the representation of cryptocurrencies.  While you cannot hold crypto coins in your hand – they are virtual only, stored online – they are, nonetheless, considered taxable property by the...

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Where’s My 2020 Tax Refund?

If you’re wondering where your tax refund is, you’re not alone. Even with the federal tax filing deadline extended, millions of Americans filed early well before the historical April 15th due date and are still waiting for their tax refund. Why Is My IRS Refund Taking...

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It Might Be Time To Do A Paycheck Checkup

Because of the winter storms in February, Louisiana residents and business owners have had their state tax deadline and their federal income tax deadline extended to June 15th.. There is a fair chance that you may not have filed yet for the 2020 tax year.  When you do...

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