How Do I Apply for PPP Loan Forgiveness?

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan program created in March 2020.  in January 2021, the SBA updated the PPP loan program’s repayment forgiveness guidelines. Under the PPP, borrowers must spend the funds within a...

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2021 End-of-Year Tax Planning for Businesses

It can be significant for businesses of all sizes to work on tax planning at the end of every calendar year for potential tax credit opportunities and to prepare for filing taxes with complete financial records. End-of-year tax planning could help business owners take...

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2021 End-of-Year Tax Planning for Individuals

The end of the year is the right time to start preparing for filing your 2021 income taxes.  Pandemic related tax issues, natural disasters, and proposed bills not yet passed all will work to make filing taxes a little more complicated for the 2021 tax year. Gathering...

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What Are Estimated Tax Payments?

Your income taxes are paid to the federal government differently depending on how you earn your income.  If you earn income that is not subject to withholding, estimated tax payments are one way to fulfill your annual tax obligation. For example, if you are an...

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