Why Opt Out of Advance Child Tax Credits?

The first payment of six monthly advance Child Tax Credit payments started Thursday, July 15, and will continue each month through the end of 2021 while the remainder of your total 2021 Child Tax Credit (CTC) will be applied to your 2021 tax filing.  The first CTC...

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Paying Taxes On Hobby Income

In recent years, especially 2020, many taxpayers have cultivated a wide variety of hobbies into money-making ventures to satisfy an entrepreneurial spirit or to supplement their household income.  These hobbies span from photography and music, to cooking, baking,...

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One Essential For The Success Of A Credit Union

We work with over 60 credit unions across the South, and we are in a unique position to observe the different ways each credit union is successful, and essential for success that we see over and over again is the consistent development of trust. Developing trust is an...

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Do I Pay Taxes on Cryptocurrency?

Do I pay taxes on cryptocurrency? Did someone pay you in virtual currency? If you were paid with virtual currency for goods or services, then, yes, that payments is taxable income. Was your cryptocurrency received in an airdrop or in a marketing promo? If the answer...

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Tax Implications of Cryptocurrency

Just as “dollars” are the representation of United States currency, “coins” are the representation of cryptocurrencies.  While you cannot hold crypto coins in your hand – they are virtual only, stored online – they are, nonetheless, considered taxable property by the...

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