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One Essential For The Success Of A Credit Union

by Jul 8, 2021Accounting for Credit Unions

We work with over 60 credit unions across the South, and we are in a unique position to observe the different ways each credit union is successful, and essential for success that we see over and over again is the consistent development of trust.

Developing trust is an on-going effort – it’s never finished. With hundreds of conversations happening each week between credit union staff and individual members, every single interaction is shaping and defining the credit union’s brand, and the employee’s personal brand, and works to place your financial institution on a sliding scale of trust.


Credibility is knowledge developed over time and is demonstrated for a useful purpose. It is knowledge grown through education, continuing education or certification courses, engaging with other professionals, and working experience.


Reliability is follow through and communication – calling back when you said you would, sending paperwork after you’ve assured a member you would, and it is also offering proactive insight. If an opportunity or a product is newly available, remembering those members that would benefit and calling them is an excellent display of reliability.

Members don’t know what they don’t know, and they rely on the credit union staff to tell them when they could be saving money with a new financial product or saving time with a feature in the available technology.


Intimacy is the skill that builds rapport.  When you express genuine interest in the person sitting across from you, you create the opportunities to have real conversations that help you understand what’s going on in this person’s life and help you to make meaningful recommendations or suggestions.

Intimacy is creating a personal relationship that is valued and respected.


Sincerity is focusing on the member’s needs, not just your own.  When you prioritize the members’ financial wellbeing, it shows.  Cross-selling is a helpful tool for CU employees, but enrolling members into a product that they really can’t use, chips away at any trust you may have built up to that time.

It’s unmistakable when you are sincere in offering solutions that truly solve individual problems, and that sincerity helps to build trust.

A CPA Firm For Your Credit Union

Credibility, reliability, personal relationships, and sincerity are all values of our partnerships with our clients.  We are genuinely interested in the success of our credit union partners because our goal is long-standing relationships built on trust and excellence.

One Essential For The Success Of A Credit Union

We work with over 60 credit unions across the South, and we are in a unique position to observe...

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