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Accounting & Consulting Services

for Businesses

It doesn't matter what stage of growth your business is currently in. Start-ups, growing, and mature businesses have one thing in common: they require solid financial management to achieve success.

Accounting Services

1 | Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling business checking accounts regularly maintains banking & accounting records, keeping business taxes up-to-date.

2 | Income Statement

An income statement is a valuable tool for managing revenues & expenses and optimizing the operating performance of a business. With regular updates, an income statement pinpoints metrics to guide corrective action, such as unexpected expenditures or increases in returns.

3 | Balance Sheet

A balance sheet allows businesses to evaluate their financial health, analyze trends, and review the flow of revenues & expenses.

4 | General Ledger Maintenance

Regular reviews of general ledgers uncover discrepancies such as unrecorded payments. It is critical to keep a general ledger accurate, as it is the foundation of a company's financial statements.

5 | Consultations

Consultations are vital to interpret and utilize financial records—facilitating growth through strategic planning, inventory controls, forecasting, and budgeting.

Industries We Serve

Outsourced CFO Services

Business owners and executive decision makers of organizations are challenged with the daily demands of running a business, such as tackling growth needs, profitability, cash flow, opportunities for acquisition and merger, and so much more.

Hiring an experienced Chief Financial Officer is the solution to providing strategic advice on cash flow planning, debt and equity financing, and financial forecasting.

At Griffin & Furman, LLC, we offer part-time CFO (or fractional CFO) services to support your business with the guidance of an experienced financial executive—without the cost of a full-time employee.

1 | Cash Management

Cash flow is often considered the biggest challenge for business owners and executives. An outsourced CFO helps manage revenues and expenditures to optimize cash flow, while helping the team to understand overall strengths and areas of improvement.

2 | Credit

A CFO can arrange credit lines or restructure existing ones. Additionally, an outsourced officer is able to find creditors who can provide the needed capital for future growth and advise on the business's mix of equity and debt.

3 | Financial Reporting

The principal role of a CFO is to understand and improve the business's financial standing through annual reports. Using the data in standard financial statements, a part-time CFO is able to develop a reporting system based on your business's needs and recommend metrics to track the effectiveness of products or efforts.

4 | Ongoing Strategic

CFO experts use data-driven strategic planning to create forecasts and budgets. They also facilitate meetings to keep the business accountable and correctly adapt plans for trends or the unexpected.

5 | Mergers & Acquisitions

For businesses or organizations considering a merger or acquisition, a part-time CFO assists with deal structuring, future forecasting, cash flows, negotiating letters of intent, and reviewing purchase agreements.

Advantages of an Outsourced CFO

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