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Tax Preparation

for Personal Taxpayers

Tax laws are increasingly complex—and with new and changing laws every year, individual taxpayers often overlook deductions and credits that may reduce their tax liability. There is no substitute for the services of a professional tax expert like a Certified Public Accountant when reporting personal and household income taxes. 

This service is not only for individual tax payers, but for those with side businesses, freelancers, rental property owners, and real estate investors.

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Income Tax Prep Checklist

1 | Prior Year's Tax Return

Taxpayers should generally keep copies of their tax returns and any documentation for the last three years after they file. When using Griffin & Furman, LLC's services, clients must provide their prior year's tax return if the firm does not already have it on file.

2 | Proof of Income

Proof of income is any documentation that demonstrates earnings over time. Sources of income include the following:

  • Wages earned from employers (W-2s)

  • Rental income

  • Social security

  • Independent contractor wages

  • Alimony

  • Unemployment

  • Retirement benefits

  • Investments (including dividends)

  • Gambling winnings

  • Trusts

  • Sale of real estate

  • Credit Union & bank interest

  • Prizes

  • Income from hobbies

  • Debt that has been forgiven

3 | Proof of Expenses

Proof of expenses is any documentation that justifies expenses incurred. Whether taxpayers itemize returns or not, individuals should always keep documentation of deductible expenses, including:

  • Self-employment expenses, such as mileage and equipment

  • Work-related education expenses

  • Un-reimbursed employee business expenses

  • Medical expenses

  • The cost of last year's tax preparation 

  • Student loan interest

  • Documentation of any investments sold during the year

  • IRA contributions

  • Mortgage loan interest

  • Tuition payments

  • Union dues

  • Charitable contributions, including non-cash donations such as donated food, clothes, and household goods

4 | Proof of Losses

In the case of property loss, taxpayers should provide documentation of the theft, fire, or catastrophe—including police reports, insurance claims, receipts, proof of insurance payments, and federal or state relief payments.

5 | Blank Check

Clients employing Griffin & Furman, LLC's services who wish to receive a direct deposit refund should provide a blank check with the routing and account number.

Video conferencing &
remote services available.

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