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Small Business Owners: Improvements Coming to IRS Online

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Small business owners are getting an upgrade in customer service options. With the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the IRS has implemented a Strategic Operating Plan to dramatically improve services and help taxpayers meet their obligations. With this plan, the IRS is introducing additions to its online platform—making it easier and more convenient to file online, respond to notices, and receive refunds.

Here’s what to expect:

An Expanded Online Service Platform

IRS is set to launch Business Online Accounts before the 2024 filing season—a system designed for the convenience of small business taxpayers. Small businesses will be able to use the online platform to:

  • View tax information

  • Schedule and track payments

  • Access concise business tax transcripts

  • Respond to correction of self-employment income, employment-related identity theft notifications, and dozens of other online notices

  • File forms such as Form 1099 series information returns

Updated and Mobile-Friendly Forms

The IRS is streamlining tax forms to be more concise and user-friendly—saving time for small business owners who file their own taxes. The improved forms include the ones used most often, such as Forms 940, 941, and 944. They will be mobile-friendly and available in multiple languages for convenience.

Faster Processing Times and Refunds

Small business taxpayers are on track to save money with improved processing times and faster refunds. The IRS plans to:

  • Automate processes by shifting from a paper-based to an online platform

  • Increase the availability of online forms, such as Form 1040 and 941

  • Implement the Digital Intake Initiative by scanning millions of tax returns in 2023

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